Posted: Feb 20, 2019 2:57 am
by jamest
Macdoc wrote:so they get to use your money while you gamble on gold ....prdent prudent :roll:

The point was that fiat is almost certainly about to hit the fan, so investing in gold has always been another option for me other than crypto. Since we're rapidly heading towards a situation in which fiat/stocks crash, it's a no brainer that you should convert your fiat assets to alternative currencies asap. If you don't like crypto, then go for gold. And if you do choose gold, then watch your tax regulations.

I'm almost certainly going to apply for this card and input sufficient money within my account to pay for my everyday transactions as I'm convinced that gold will consistently outperform fiat within the next half-decade (at least).

I have no idea what the regulations/rules are in Canada or Australia (or anywhere) regards taxes, but here in the UK it only makes sense to join Glint with a view to saving money on transactions if you envisage that your fiat will soon shit the bed, which I do.

My present plan, other than investing a significant amount of my wealth into crypto, which I've already done, is to join Glint and arm my card with a few thousand. I might also purchase a couple of thousand gold sovereigns.

What I won't be doing is leaving most of my money in the bank and trusting the value of the British £. Nor will I be investing in stock-related investments at this time, since their values are also contingent upon fiat values.

At the end of the day, my capital is fluid due to my mindset being fluid. I'm new to this financial shite as I've never had significasnt money to substantially invest in anything until recently.

I'm going to play the game, now that I finally have some chips, since I have no desire to work for a pittance until I die doing something which I don't want to do. Never did, but you gotta pay the bills somehow.