Posted: Feb 21, 2019 11:54 pm
by jamest
For the record I have registered with Glint and have deposited and subsequently converted £1000 into gold. Will be getting my mastercard next week (it's effectively a prepaid card), whereby whatever I purchase with it will cost me the price of gold per ounce, not the price the vendor states. I must confess, I love the concept so much that I've today registered the missus also.

The beauty of this card is that you shouldn't use it until fiat crumbles and gold gains ground against it. Just keep it for such times. Certainly, don't use Glint as a means to buy and sell gold as you'll be hit with CGT, certainly here within the UK.

I'm still unsure whether to buy physical gold coins also, as I'll avoid taxes when I sell. The problem is that there are commission/postage fees to consider. Alternatively, ISAs are the way to go, but then the trading platform screws you with its own fees.

I'll keep researching.