Posted: Feb 22, 2019 11:54 pm
by jamest
minininja wrote:Jesus. This whole thread. :picard:

Please, people, don't put anything in that you can't afford to lose.

Yeah, instead, leave your whole wealth invested within fiat and government, when history shows that ALL fiat has always failed for millennia within a few decades and that governments will always take the piss and actually steal your wealth from you when the shit hits the fan!!!! I've presented two credible links to support this view and not a single one of you has addressed them, so I'm fucking astounded by your attitude. :nono:

As I said, we're amidst a major financial revolution here, no joke. You're being presented with opportunities to place an egg or two in a basket which makes your wealth independent of any finite government's control. The next 2008 is close and will be much worse, so think hard about that.