Posted: Feb 23, 2019 2:36 am
by Macdoc
one born every nano-second never twas so true....:coffee:

You really need to do some reading Jamest. You have a limited case for hedging due to Brexit so gold is a decent hedge.

You can make money with bitcoin without risk by brokering - my biz partner paid off all his debts in two years and is making decent money without ever speculating on bitcoin ....there are just enough people that want to gamble in both directions that he can take a house cut. It has benefitted us as he loans us capital ( at reasonable interest rate ) from time to time to buy Macs we need and has increased his capital and his ability to float us.

arbitrageDictionary result for arbitrage
the simultaneous buying and selling of securities, currency, or commodities in different markets or in derivative forms in order to take advantage of differing prices for the same asset.
"profitable arbitrage opportunities"

It's a form of arbitrage - my riding partner quit his engineering job in Australia to trade curriencies on a low risk strategy that requires pretty in depth understanding of the trading environment and willing to take little tiny bites of profit at a time.

Both these gentlemen are very savvy both in the international trading markets and risk management.

These days of instant trades arbitrage on goods is difficult and on currencies only provides a very small profit window and requires some serious math and computer skills to come out ahead.
My partner's strategy is a trust network that takes time to build as the bit coin is toxic to the banks.

Block chain as a technology certainly has current and future import for many situations as a way to track things even photos.
How Blockchain Will Change Photography — Artnome ... hotography
Mar 8, 2018 - The world will take over 1 trillion photographs in 2018. Almost all of them will remain digital and never be printed. Blockchain enables us to ...

it is certainly needed in stock exchanges where settlement of trades is a huge bottleneck.

Blockchain, the technology underlying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, was designed with an ideological aim: to sidestep central authorities and governments. But many people have become intrigued by its practical uses, such as updating back-office processes. And few institutions have shown more interest in such applications than financial exchanges.

Although stock trades are often made in milliseconds by algorithms, completing them involves co-ordinating payment and delivery among a mess of databases and then reconciling the records. In big financial centres trades take two full days to settle. Some stock exchanges wonder whether blockchain’s distributed, tamper-proof ledgers and immutable and transparent transaction records could speed up and simplify the process.

Exchanges from America and Australia to Switzerland and Singapore are studying the concept. Australia’s stock exchange, the asx, has moved furthest towards using blockchain to replace its main clearing and settlement platform. It has been testing technology from Digital Asset, an American firm, and will go live in mid-2021. And on November 11th sgx, Singapore’s stock exchange, and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (mas), its central bank, announced a prototype using blockchain for delivery, payment and settlement of assets. ... blockchain

By all means take 10% of your windfall and take whatever flyer you want but recognize you are gambling. I think a gold hedge is reasonable given Brexit and Brexit will offer savvy traders some real opportunities as well as risks,

For the 90% find a couple of international indexes with decent track records or some dividend companies ( Apple has more money than god and there is a stock value upside just now ) and put it in and forget about it.

This is a good assessment of the two big guns, Amazon and Apple. ... etter-buy/

Now there is a 25% chance of a world level recession and certainly UK it is self inflicted

Two places you should pay attention to are for macro trends

Paul Krugman

and The Economist

I can't comment on investing whatever windfall you have beyond suggested dividend stocks not subject to Brexit turmoil. But Bitcoin is pure casino as far as speculation is concerned

but if you really want some Bitcoin my partner can likely provide. :coffee: