Posted: Feb 23, 2019 2:38 am
by jamest
Thommo wrote:
jamest wrote:
Thommo wrote:
jamest wrote:Yeah, instead, leave your whole wealth invested within fiat and government, when history shows that ALL fiat has always failed for millennia within a few decades...

This is patently untrue. It's so obvious and easily checkable that there's simply no point arguing.

You're starting to make a tit of yourself. The claim is that no fiat currency has ever survived for more than a few decades devoid of backing from other currencies/assets. This claim goes back to at least the time of the Roman Empire and I've provided a credible link to support that fact.

It's clear to me that you don't even know what's being discussed here. You're akin to a physicist born in 19th century scorning quantum mechanics in the 1920s. I can forgive the naivity, but your arrogance is a fucking joke. :nono:

I've taken the time to seriously educate myself in these matters for the last 6 months. It's clear to all here that you don't even know what colour the greenback is. It's also clear that you cannot be arsed to read links provided as a basis for a serious argument, as if you did then this nonsense about currencies lasting for far more than decades wouldn't even be mentioned.

I will resist the urge to call you a muppet as I know from the previous 6 months that comprehending financial markets is up there with comprehending quantum mechanics, but I will definitely NOT forgive you for taking no time (again) to educate yourself when it's been repeatedly pointed out that you're talking through your arse.

For the FINAL time, the claim that ALL fiat currency has failed within recorded history is wrt its ability to survive independently of any other asset/currency. Since Roman times, ALL currencies attempting to do this like the US dollar (and UK pound) have failed within a handful of decades. Note again that the US dollar has only been trying to do this since 1971!!!!

It's time for you to either educate yourself or else join the popcorn queue. But please ffs don't come back here and talk any more bollocks or else I'm going to the freezer. :nono: