Posted: Feb 26, 2019 11:36 pm
by jamest
I have nothing to prove here except that fiat currency is shite (read the links I provided) and that the US dollar is on the brink. Indeed, the whole capitalist enterprise is upon the brink. Remember 2008? Well, guess what, nothing has changed fundamentally since then and government debt has increased also. The same house of cards was merely rebuilt upon a massive taxpayer bailout.

You people can take the piss all that you like, but the bottom-line is that the system which led to 2008 is still in place. Take heed also, especially, of the fact that NO fiat has survived independently of any other asset/currency for more than a handful of decades in THE WHOLE OF HUMAN HISTORY. This is FACT!!!

The near future looks very grim. For those of you with assets associated with and controlled by your government/banks (centralised assets), be aware that when the shit hits the fan that history shows governments/banks will fuck you over if they have to by necessity. The links I provided give ample evidence for this throughout history, even for the last century.

Your options to hedge against your government shafting you in the event of financial crisis are very slim. Many people have tried buying gold as a hedge against fiat, but in times of dire need history shows that you will still lose your wealth.

Currently, the only way to protect your wealth from centralised burglary is to invest it in decentralised assets. I.e., cryptocurrency.
For your own sakes, I am giving you this heads-up. I have nothing at all to gain from doing so. Neither does God.

Cryptocurrency is not going away unless the totality of the world's governments agree to destroy it. Since the totality of the world's governments cannot agree to fuck all, then rest assured that investing some of your wealth into it is a WISE move given the present financial state of things.

I strongly suspect that if it were not 'me' typing these words that some of you would be taking them more seriously, but at least now I've done what was the honourable thing to do, which was to warn you all:

There's a hurricane coming.