Posted: Mar 09, 2019 12:32 am
by Macdoc
My understanding is different

Now - the economic basis

First world Japan , US, Canada Australia UK G20 EU

Second world ...emerging economies - S Korea India China Russia Indonesia, S Africa, Asian Tigers, Malaysia, Iran Iraq, Egypt, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Philipines
Now China is moving rapidly to First World status as is S Korea and India Taiwan and Putin is attempting a new empire.

Third World Ethiopia, Mali, Afghanistan, Haiti, Libia - the poorest states or the failed states N Korea, the Stans ( tho some emerging )

Then -the political basis
The Cold war alignment I considered as

The East
Soviet Bloc and influence Warsaw Pact regardless of economy -
and China and associated states with Communist or pro communist govs
Cuba and anywhere communist world expansion had its effect or revolution was being fomented

The West
Western Bloc NATO, and those states aligned with the US or the Commonweath
again regardless of economy but primarily democratic
Japan , South Korea, S Africa ( tho it was a potential for a revolutionay gov )

There were of course battle ground states like Vietnam and some dictator states the US supported over revolution attempts. These were scattered in Africa, South America

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