Posted: Mar 09, 2019 9:19 am
by Hermit
The three world concept - as in first, second and third world - was born with the publication of an article by the demographer, anthropologist and historian of the French economy, Alfred Sauvy. In the article, published in the French magazine, L'Observateur on August 14, 1952, Sauvy said: "...because at the end this ignored, exploited, scorned Third World like the Third Estate, wants to become something too". It was analogous to the third of the three estates of pre-revolutionary France, as described by Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyès in a 1789 pamphlet titled What is the Third Estate?, the first two estates consisting of clergy and nobility respectively. Sauvy's sentence alluded to the following passage in Sieyès's pamphlet:
What is the Third Estate? Everything.
What has it been until now in the political order? Nothing.
What does it want to be? Something.

With the coinage of "Third World" in 1952 Sauvy left the cold war confines of associating the First World with the Western and the Second World with the Eastern Bloc.