Posted: May 12, 2019 5:06 pm
by Cito di Pense
tuco wrote:Well, I could link both since I said yes and no.

You sure covered all the bases, there, didn't you? If there's anything under 'yes', 'no', or maybe even 'maybe', it should be researchable. Yeppers. You sure showed you know what's what and that you expect your audience to come all the way up to those standards.

tuco wrote:We were talking about what is being created not about underlying value.

Well, in your scheme of things, yes, no, or maybe we were talking about what is being created. I think you suggested it was not, or maybe it was, or maybe it was maybe, a zero-sum game. Yes, no, or maybe, for the win. Let me refresh your failing memory:

tuco wrote:Yes and no. It's not necessarily a zero-sum game.

If you stick to this

tuco wrote:Yes, I hold the same opinion on stock trading and, well, any trading based on buying low and selling high: nothing is being created but money.

you'll at least be saying somethng specific enough to try to defend.