Posted: May 12, 2019 6:19 pm
by Thommo
Sure, no problem.

Just to be 100% clear I'm not against regulation, I certainly wasn't arguing against it. And whilst there are areas where some regulation needs removed or reworked, my own view is that there are far more areas where more regulation is needed. There are also areas where either approach could in theory work and I don't much care which, as long as reform is implemented (e.g. closing tax loopholes).

I would say that wealth is not independent of money, whilst being separate they are undoubtedly intertwined. Money has value, it can be used as a store of wealth, or a medium of exchange to allow investment. Bitcoin is being used almost exclusively as the first, despite having been envisaged as the second. This is one of the reasons that whilst I'm very happy for James that (were he to sell) his gambling would be paying off, I personally have little confidence in Bitcoin.