Posted: May 14, 2019 1:51 pm
by jamest
newolder wrote:
jamest wrote:
newolder wrote:
jamest wrote:Wow, bitcoin through the 8K threshold as I type this. I'm quite stunned to the point that I want to start typing conspiracy theories along the line that Donald Trump is laundering his savings, or suchlike. On a serious note, surely there is an institution behind all of this because your average Joe cannot create this kind of parabolic action.

Crazy stuff, but what a thrill either way.

It is back to the value it had at the end of July last year. A 10 month investment with zero return. Sounds wonderful, tell me more.

What a dummy remark. The value of all assets rise and fall and if anyone bought bitcoin last July when the trend was down then more fool them. The key is timing your investment correctly, obviously. :nono:

The trend wasn't down. Unless you mean the continued downward trend since the peak of December 2017. :dunno:

There was a spike in July, a lower high amidst an overall downward trend (bear market) that had begun back in December 2017. Only fools would have bought it back then.