Posted: May 15, 2019 11:27 pm
by jamest
Macdoc wrote:
there are bills to be paid and mouths to feed. And I'm fed up of working.

don't quit your day job ...I pity your family :nono:

I will resist the urge to tell you to go and fuck yourself with something frozen, because I've seen the good in you over the last year or so. The number of times you made the effort to help me on my American adventure last summer, for example. I won't ever forget that. So, I'll mercifully allow you to bludgeon me at your whim.

You don't understand me nor my philosophy, Sir, but you're a relic of your time and culture so I must take that into account also. Nevertheless, rest assured that I'm doing the best for my family, if not myself. Indeed, if only jamest was involved then perhaps there would be no motivation to play the game at all. Because, what a fucking crap game this is, all things considered.

Between now and my strings being cut I'll be considering only two things:

1) How to help my family get the best quality of life that they can from this crap game.
2) How to help anyone achieve the same (which is why I bother, here).

The bottom-line though is that although I'm unconventional, I have my family's back. So, yer know, please try and not be so judgemental about me in the future, perhaps.