Posted: May 16, 2019 12:19 am
by jamest
Alternatively, I could just talk about crypto again, in which case you have to wonder how an arsehole such as me could have doubled+ the value of his investments in just 3 months.

I had 'the audacity' to interject into this thread 3 months ago, whilst bitcoin was hovering at a price approximately 80% lower than it was about 13 months previous, that if you invested in bitcoin now (then, in February), as I had, you'd be doing yourselves a big favour.

Seriously, given that many knowledgeable commentators were predicting 'zero' for bitcoin/crypto at that time (iirc, Hermit said he would buy in when the price reached less that $400) ask yourselves why I would have done such a thing KNOWING WITHOUT A DOUBT the negative repercussions of being wrong in a place that is already determined to hang me out to dry.

Bitcoin is atm $8200. It broke through the 6+k level like a knife through butter, which shocked me too. The realism now is that this is now the beginning of the next bull market. The value of BTC might go down a bit from here, but a new upwards trend has been established.

There is positive news upon the horizon too, not least Fidelity's forthcoming participation, offering 'safe investment' for those requiring such news prior to investing. Further, the BTC halving event is only a year away.

You may have missed the boat in terms of doubling your money in 3 months, but this is just the 2nd minute of the first quarter. It's not too late. Either keep taking the piss whilst my wallet fattens, or bite the bullet.

For my part, I've done all I can to help you here, including highlighting the fact that the next financial disaster is imminent.
That's all I can do. If you do your own research you'll discover the same results for yourself.

As always, from day one, my intention was to get you to pull your heads out of the sand. For your own sakes.