Posted: May 16, 2019 2:36 am
by Macdoc
Jamest - the day you admit you are simply speculating with family money in a very high risk manner is the day you'll earn some respect.

I'm far more familiar with bitcoin than you are business associate is a broker and has done very well by it and that has been beneficial to in an indirect way to me ....he understands completely as do I that it is 100% speculative. He makes his money on exchanging bitcoins for cash and vice versus for people like you ..not in speculation on it which is all you are doing.
There is no underlying wealth as there is in buying a stocks like Intel or banks and coupon clipping the dividends.

This is the kind of "technical analysis" that has made famous traders like Warren Buffet wealthy. ... estimates/

snip as an example of analysis of underlying factors and performance indicators leading to growth in value,
Changing The Diabetes Treatment Paradigm

Tandem makes insulin pumps for diabetes treatment. These body-worn medical devices steadily deliver insulin to diabetics whose patients don't produce enough — or any — of the hormone. This deficiency can put them in danger of harmful spikes in blood sugar.

The medical devices company is benefiting from the growing number of type 1 diabetics, he said. There are an estimated 40 million type 1 diabetics worldwide. Due to a genetic defect, these patients are reliant on outside sources of insulin.

About half of all type 1 diabetics rely on a staple in traditional diabetes treatment: multiple daily injections of insulin, O'Neil said. So, medical device makers like Tandem, Medtronic (MDT) and Insulet (PODD) have a huge potential market in front of them.

O'Neil has a buy rating and 100 price target on Tandem stock. He also owns Tandem stock.

Craig Hallum analyst Alexander Nowak expects Tandem's market share to grow. Currently, Medtronic leads the insulin pump market.

"An important datapoint that came up on the (first-quarter earnings) call (is) that 45% of new pumps sold are Tandem's, despite Tandem only having 14% share in the market today," he said in his recent note to clients. "This indicates Tandem's share is poised to move much higher.

There is no similar analysis for a speculative medium like Bitcoin. You might as well throw the bones.
With tulips at least you had a pretty flower..... :coffee: