Posted: May 23, 2019 10:17 pm
by jamest
Thommo wrote:
Cito di Pense wrote:
jamest wrote:Maybe even this year.

The big waffle is "maybe". Check back in a year. If there isn't another year, don't check back.

You can add that to this one:
jamest wrote:I'm anticipating a high of 50-150K after the next bull run, which I think will begin within the next year and peak around 18 months later.

Although how much effort fact checking this on-paper profit he hasn't actually realised, in a currency he's trying to explain is worthless is worthwhile is another question.

Regards the first issue, the demise of the current economical status quo is certain. The only 'maybe' is whether it happens this year or in the next handful of years.

Regards the second issue, Btc has doubled+ in price since I acquired it 3 months ago and is actually threatening to rise above 10K for a 300% rise, even short-term. The future is looking positive for all sorts of reasons, not least Fidelity getting on board within the next few weeks. And let's not forget about the halving event, which happens for bitcoin about a year from now.

Unless governments shit themselves and seek to sanction liberal investing, I'm still quite confident that the prediction I made a few months back will occur, so only time will serve as my judge. Certainly, I rebuke your scorn at this present time, as you know fuck all about this particular space. And I do mean fuck all.