Posted: May 25, 2019 10:04 pm
by jamest
Fallible wrote:
jamest wrote:
Fallible wrote:Just saw in my diary today, our first client booked in with me next week addicted to buying bitcoin.

Then soon he'll be able to pay for the top psychologists in the UK, but what he really needs to do is study trading to understand why there are bad times to buy.

The whole reason he or she is accessing therapy is because their addiction has left them on the bones of their arse,!

Only in the sense that for about 16 months from Dec 17 to April 19 they would have been losing money. If the asset continues to rise in value for the next two years, then his/her biggest problem will be not buying enough of it!

Addictions are only bad if they bring negative repercussions. For example, being addicted to fruit and salad would be a healthy addiction.

The last thing they need to do is spend any more time on the focus of their addiction. But without disclosing too much, this person, without any shadow of a doubt, has forgotten more than you will ever know about crypto currency. Can I ask, are you being intentionally stupid or what?

Anyone who knew anything about trading and cryptocurrency wouldn't have been buying into it after the spring of 2018, I shit you not. The trend is your friend.

I want to know how the fuck this person expects you to help them when you know less about cryptocurrency than I do about mascara. What bullshit mantras are you going to use on him/her?