Posted: May 26, 2019 12:29 pm
by Fallible
surreptitious57 wrote:Fallible may not know anything about cryptocurrency but she doesnt actually have to as that is not her speciality
She is instead trained to help those with addictions by providing them with the necessary tools to overcome them
I would say that this is a general principle that is true for all types of addictions regardless of what they might be

You seem to be suggesting that she cannot help her client simply because she knows fuck all about cryptocurrency
With all due respect to you james me old china you seem to have grasped the entirely wrong end of the stick here
Her client has come to her as they need to stop gambling and she can help with that - anything else is superfluous

All addictions are fundamentally psychological - even though there may be symptoms specific to particular ones
What therapists do is to address the mental state of the client because that is the essential core of the problem
That is more important than the thing they are addicted to - even though there are therapists who do specialise

If Fallible were a world authority on cryptocurrency yet knew fuck all about addiction her client could not be helped
You seem to know a lot about the currency but if I were addicted to it I would go to Fallible rather than you for help

I should not be speaking on her behalf but you said such a stupid thing there I had no choice but to correct the stupid

Yes, that’s it. Thank you.