Posted: May 26, 2019 11:49 pm
by jamest
Fallible wrote:

Anyone who knew anything about trading and cryptocurrency wouldn't have been buying into it after the spring of 2018, I shit you not. The trend is your friend.

This person works in the sector. It’s safe to say they know a lot. Certainly more than you.

How the fuck would you know what he knew about the sector when you know fuck all about the sector yourself?
I've made almost 300% profits in a shade over 3 months. Ask your client how much profits he's made. If he's made more than 300% profits then ask him why he's fucking bothering you. Because, rest assured, if an addiction of any kind makes you wealthier, healthier, smarter, wiser, or whatever, then that addiction is GOOD.

There's only one reason why this client of yours is visiting you, and that's because he's LOSING MONEY on a regular basis.

There's another potential reason, which is that people of a certain ilk with an identity/purpose crisis trust their mentality to people who know fuck all about identity and purpose, such as yourself, because they buy into your bullshit credentials as though they give you a mark of expertise.

Notwithstanding the fact that you know fuck all about trading, cryptocurrency, or even seem to understand that not all addictions are bad, you certainly have no expertise on our identity and purpose.

Spare me the bollocks. And spare me the arrogance behind it too. Because I think that your [establishment] attitude is a pox upon the future wellbeing of humanity.

If you want to do your client a proper favour, ask him/her to talk to me.