Posted: May 27, 2019 12:34 am
by jamest
minininja wrote:There's also the possibility that despite your extensive research leading you to think that you can predict the market far better than the vast majority of other speculators, you have merely been lucky so far, and that eventually your luck will run out as it has for so many others.

This isn't a heads or tails scenario. Several months of intensive research led to my conclusion, in mid-February, that the market had bottomed-out (or was very close to that point). I mean I invested a 5-figure sum on the back of that research. If it was a mere heads-or-tails scenario I would have merely visited the nearest casino and chose either red or black. The rewards/losses would have been instant.

Look at the charts, squire. They're everything I predicted, except that it's happening quicker than I predicted. At the rate it's going we could hit 20K before Xmas. If I sold all of my investments now, I would have made 25K (minus CGT). No bullshit. I am still leaving that on the table, so ask yourself why. Am I gambling, or do I know something that you don't because you haven't taken the time to do the research?

Whatever you do, you need to get your investments (if you have any) out of stock/share related schemes (pensions etc.), and out of your bank(s) asap. If you don't buy crypto, get your fiat into the precious metals. Sincerely.