Posted: Jun 01, 2019 2:20 pm
by laklak
Let's see - I quit smoking, so that's good. I switched to light beer, gotta be better than that massively earth-killing regular beer. I eat mostly locally produced foods from the farmer's market - but - I buy Marmite and HP sauce and that's shipped in from the UK. I also shop at the oriental grocery and ALL that stuff comes from God only knows where (if you can't read the label just look at the pictures). Wine, now that's problematic because I'm partial to Italian vintages. I don't use bottled water. I've upped my veggies and cut down on meat. I only run through about 4-500 gallons of diesel a year, far less than the average semi-truck, but they're 2 strokes so they're a bit smokey. I drive a pickup, never take publc transport (fucking TB ward, those busses), and fly once a year to South Africa. Another plus is I've switched from lead to frangible ammunition, despite the far higher per-round costs. The A/C and pool heater/chiller run pretty much 24/7/365.

On balance I'm probably an eco-criminal.