Posted: Jun 01, 2019 8:33 pm
by Keep It Real
BlackBart wrote:
felltoearth wrote:Your drinking has likely contributed more GHG than my flying.

Tobacco too is hideously damaging. Cigarette filters, surprisingly, are made of a plastic that is no less non-biodegradable than other plastics. Six trillion of them end up in the environment every year. Six trillion.

I smoke roll-ups, with swan extra slim filters, which I estimate to be approximately 1/4 the size of, say B&B pre-roaled "straights" filters. Averaging circa 20 a day, that's 7300 filters a year for me personally...maybe 1 bin bag full? Hard to say. They certainly don't get recycled, and that's a fact. About the same as 1 broken dumped CRT TV perhaps.

The carbon footprint of clearing land then growing, harvesting, processing, packaging, transporting and, of all things SMOKING the god-awful things...immense. One of the dirtiest of dirty habits methinks. And so very pernicious/hard to dodge, for me anyway. I'm still trying BTW - next (FUCKING LAST!!(ie, there is no try, only do)) "attempt" scheduled for 5/5/2019.