Posted: Jun 02, 2019 8:12 am
by don't get me started
Spearthrower wrote:One frustrating thing here in Thailand is that everything... and I mean everything... comes wrapped in plastic. Single bananas in a shop... wrapped in plastic! Buy some fruit from a street seller, it comes in a plastic bag, which they then put in a plastic carry bag, complete with 2 plastic packets of sugar & sour flavours. It's a daily fight to stop stores giving plastic bags - you ask them to put the plastic wrapped goods in a single plastic bag rather than separating them out into 3 or 4 bags, then they try to double up instead. There's a burgeoning sense here that plastic is something environmentally damaging, but for the most part it's just so common and so widespread that it's going to take another generation before anything changes.

Yep, something similar here in Japan. Buy a cold drink and a tub of ice cream at a convenience store, they will probably be bagged in two separate plastic bags and the staff will pop a plastic ice cream spoon in for you, (individually wrapped in plastic), as well as an individual wet tissue also in a plastic wrapper.... It is getting a bit better in some shops, but still, hugely excessive wrapping is the order of the day.

As for my habits... well let's start with the positives. I don't drive. Never have. Don't have a driver's license and don't ever expect to have one. I take public transport a lot and also cycle or walk. Living in Osaka means that public transport is safe, clean, efficient and reliable.
Don't eat so much processed food. Never McDonalds, Lotteria, other burger chains. Very occasionally KFC when the missus buys it and brings t home.
Eat a lot of fresh vegetables most of which are pretty locally sourced. (The supermarket sometimes even has pictures of the farmers standing next to their fields out in the boonies of Wakayama, Nara or Mie)
Don't eat that much beef...apart from the occasional splurge at a Yaki Niku (cook at the table barbecue) restaurant.

Negatives...probably too much fish. Japan still seems to regard the ocean as a larder that will never be empty (as well as a garbage bin that will never be full). Use disposable wooded chopsticks way too much.
Like Spearthrower, I use the AC a lot in summer. Nighttime temps into the mid thirties in summer, with massive humidity means it is pretty hard to sleep without AC. (But I am pretty good with the cold, so no heating for me until it gets below about 10 deg C) And never any heating at night, even when it snows.

I usually fly 5 or 6 times a year. Mostly in East Asia but probably one long haul to Europe or N. America in any given year. (I always take the bullet train when I go to Tokyo... I never fly domestic in Japan unless its Okinawa or deep Kyushu.)
Drinking beer...yeah. A fair amount.
Two kids being raised in Japan...yeah, I can see how that is a minus in the ledger for consumption. Tons of plastic shit toys, although I try to encourage them to find other ways to play. (More or less 5 years of disposable nappies really brought it home to me how much kids can consume...)

So yeah, I have an impact and am pretty good in somethings (driving) pretty bad in other things (AC use). Probably like most people.