Posted: Jun 11, 2019 2:16 pm
by juju7
Spearthrower wrote:
juju7 wrote:2 billion out of 7 is approximately 30%.
The top 10% make up 48%, the next 10% do 19%, and the third 10% are 11% of the footprint.
Simple addition: 48 + 19 +11 = 78% of the contribution from your 2 billion.

It is all in the graph.

It's amazing that you are still trying to get this past me.

Your graphic does not show that the wealthiest 2 billion provide 80% of the ecological footprint. That's a complete fabrication on your part, becoming ever more clear that it is a willful fabrication.

You are correct it shows that they are responsible for 78% of the ecological footprint, not 80%.

Foolish nitpicking is not going to get you out of the fact that you can't read a graph, and add.

I give up.