Posted: Jun 11, 2019 2:48 pm
by Spearthrower ... l#p2700461

Juju7 wrote:The graph I provided shows this very clearly. These 2 billion provide 80% about of the ecological foot print. The remaining 7 billion are responsible for only 20%.

Spearthrower wrote:Your graphic does not show that the wealthiest 2 billion provide 80% of the ecological footprint. That's a complete fabrication your part, apparently a willful one at that.

Juju7 wrote:You are correct it shows that they are responsible for 78% of the ecological footprint, not 80%.

Foolish nitpicking is not going to get you out of the fact that you can't... add.

So typical Rainbow. ... d#p1340303

Rainbow was banned for being an intractable troll. He repeatedly demonstrated a lack of willingness to engage meaningfully in threads that he joined, despite taking a large role in them and leading members into derails. Further, he continuously made inflammatory comments when questioned about a topic, went to absurd lengths to misrepresent others (whilst maintaining that he had not done so) on a regular basis, had a habit of playing word games to twist the meaning of written text out of all proportion...

You're fooling no one...

Oh wait!

tuco wrote:No kidding.

Congratulations Juju7! You got a hit! :cheers: