Posted: Jun 25, 2019 3:21 pm
by Macdoc
So you rolled some 7s Jamest and you want kowtows and are the savviest person on the planet????!!!. ....fugedabout :roll:'s gambling Jamest not investing. Gold perhaps tho that's still speculative and you can't eat least it's useful metal.

When you invest in a company or technology you are providing working capital to provide infrastrucuture jobs and growth for the company which produces product that represents wealth and you expect a return on the investment as the company is successful. Even a brand name is wealth.

Speculation without producing wealth is an anathema - it is harmful to the community as a whole and diverts resources.
So don't for one second think you'll get any praise from me least you are showing some financial savvy in splitting your gamble with gold.

When you admit you are gambling, take your inheritance and set it aside, and gamble only with the lucky win proceeds
....then you may get some respect. :coffee: