Posted: Jun 25, 2019 3:55 pm
by jamest
Macdoc wrote:So you rolled some 7s Jamest and you want kowtows and are the savviest person on the planet????!!!. ....fugedabout :roll:'s gambling Jamest not investing.

Bollocks. I invested in cryptocurrency after acquiring sufficient knowledge to know that the bear market was either over or very close to being so. This has been repeatedly explained to you.

When you invest in a company or technology you are providing working capital to provide infrastrucuture jobs and growth for the company which produces product that represents wealth and you expect a return on the investment as the company is successful. Even a brand name is wealth.

Speculation without producing wealth is an anathema - it is harmful to the community as a whole and diverts resources.
So don't for one second think you'll get any praise from me

You're comparing apples with oranges. Bitcoin is a currency and investing in it is not fundamentally different from trading your dollars for [say] UK pounds with Forex. Currencies are useful as either a store of value or a means of buying/selling goods and services and with the US dollar about to fall off a precipice cryptocurrency will be a saviour for the community.

When you admit you are gambling, take your inheritance and set it aside, and gamble only with the lucky win proceeds
....then you may get some respect. :coffee:

In February I decided to help members here by advising them to invest in crypto. If they'd have heeded that advice then they'd be three times wealthier than they are with the very probable prospect of being 10+ times wealthier within the next year or so. That's the bottom-line.

So, people can either carry on listening to dinosaur philosophies about money and watch their wealth evaporate in crumbling fiat and stocks, or do as I advise. You have no right to advise people to stick with a failing system just because you're too set in your ways.