Posted: Jun 26, 2019 1:29 pm
by minininja
jamest wrote:Bitcoin continues it's parabolic rise, currently over $11700.

Advice: there's going to be a significant dump in bitcoin's price fairly soon, definitely double-digit percent. Wait for that dip and then buy, because 20K is happening a lot sooner than expected.

Eta: don't just buy it the moment it dips by 10% (double digit). It could drop much further than that. If you don't know anything about technical analysis but are interested in investing in bitcoin/altcoins, I'll respond to any pm from anyone. I really am here in this thread to help ALL members, regardless of the past. Sincerely.

Eta: there'll be no charge/fees or any gains made for me here. None whatsoever. I'll continue to endure the piss-takes as I'm used to them, because if there's just one person I can help then I'll hold out to help them. That's always been my philosophy from day one, nearly 20 years ago.

Or for a quicker return, my tip is Rosie Royale, an outsider but might just come in at 20/1, racing in Bath at 18:40 this evening.