Posted: Jul 01, 2019 9:35 pm
by jamest
Fallible wrote:You’re here trying to give financial advice to people and you don’t know what the word ‘insult’ means. I’d say you’re adorable, but you’

I'm giving specific financial advice to people upon the basis of nearly a year's worth of study and direct experience which has:

a) Identified the bottom of the last bear market in cryptocurrency.
b) Yielded profits of 300% since I mentioned it in February
c) Successfully (in the sense that I was right) protected people from buying when oversold/overpriced (see my last post to Thommo).

The advice I have given is upheld by the statistics/data backing it. You have zero basis to mock me here. None whatsoever. All you're doing here is undermining your own credibility as a genuine poster. :nono: