Posted: Aug 10, 2019 1:21 am
by jamest
As I've recently stated, we've already moved (to Oxfordshire) about 2 weeks ago, so not looking for advice about moving any more. It's been interesting though reading the ensuing conversation, because ultimately it's all about finding a balance between your own loves and hates (and needs!). Moreso when family members are included.

I don't understand how anyone can hate either beautiful countryside or interesting cities, but for me and my family having both within reasonable distance is important. I/we hate neither and love both, so living where I am now looks like being a positive move. Only time will tell.

I'll miss the sea for sure (I lived less than a half-mile from it previously), but the coastline in West Sussex is nothing like that in Cornwall, Devon, Scotland or Wales. Places we can go to on holiday, as we often do.

Not been here for very long, but I already love Oxford. What a great place, and the tourists (for me) only add to the vibe and significance of a place. I don't hate tourists! And I cannot believe how many there are in Oxford. You'd be hard-pressed to find as many in any same area of London, was my impression (last Sunday).