Posted: Oct 08, 2019 11:40 pm
by The_Metatron
laklak wrote:That is cool, theropod.

Back in Swaziland. Just got a new bong today and ran a bowl of Swazi Gold through it. First weed in over a week, what with three full travel days door to door and getting sufficiently settled in (non trivial task when the lawyer didn't pay the bills for 9 months and everything that could be shut off was shut off and then you've got African bureauracy to deal with, you don't want to know). I think that's some sort of record. One hit and I could feel that sweet sativa satori from scalp to soles. South African shiraz and radio LM out of Maputo and all is copacetic. Where else you gonna hear Sinatra followed by Floyd?

Check them out, they stream. Google LM radio Maputo. Now they're playing a Kingston Trio reggae remix.

I missed this post, sorry.

You had a good afternoon there, I think.