Posted: Oct 16, 2019 9:16 am
by The Serpent
Destroyer wrote:
The Serpent wrote:I had occasion to notice that today is John Platko's birthday and those who've been paying attention over the last few years would know that John died just a bit passed.

John was an eastern catholic, in particular a Ukrainian Greek Catholic. I'm an atheist raised in the Latin church but as a result of my heritage I'm a canonical Syro-Malankara catholic.

I agreed with John about almost nothing but I found him to be a particularly civil interlocutor; a rarity in this place. I miss him and his participation here. We are diminished by his absence.

Go well mate.

I actually didn't know that he had passed away but recently came upon his thread of guitar making and was thoroughly fascinated by it.

Thanks for the info.

No problems. He was quite the talent.