Posted: Jan 28, 2020 2:04 pm
by Svartalf
scott1328 wrote:
Alan B wrote:Just watched 'The Daily Show' where a sketch on Nutrition showed the new nutrition label which came into force this month in America. It lists under carbohydrates: Fibre, Total Sugars and Added Sugar.
Florida Reporter
The Food and Drug Administration is rolling out new Nutrition Facts food labels to reflect updated scientific research and how people actually eat. One of the most significant changes is that the labels require the inclusion of added sugars.

So, I got in touch with Public Health England (PHE) to enquire if the UK are going to follow suit and modify the Back of Pack label. I await their reply...

Apparently, there have been suggestions from various quarters since 2016 that the labelling should define total sugars and added sugars. So far, nothing. We in the UK (and EU) still don't know how much sugar has been added to our food.

why does it matter? Isn't total carbohydrates the important number?

Yes and now... some carbs are more or less noxious for the metabolism, and those you add often come from the less wholesome part of the spectrum.