Posted: Aug 24, 2020 11:18 pm
by felltoearth
The_Piper wrote:
felltoearth wrote:Starting to replace the door knobs now. Look at the layers of paint there. That would be the original 1913 colour there.


ETA picture. Wow, am I ever having a bad tech day today.

Nice, I love seeing stuff like that. A home improvement fossil. :mrgreen: Replacing a doorknob looks like a detailed job, I'll have to youtube it sometime.

The key is to make sure that the door thickness and the backset matches the lockset you buy. The rest is just repair. It would kill me to throw out and replace a solid wood door.

The_Piper wrote:
My house had awful light green masonite siding when I bought it. My front porch must have been built sometime soon after the siding was put on, because the masonite siding inside the porch on the formerly outside wall is regular green, not light. The outside had faded so much and so evenly that I thought it was supposed to be that light green color. :lol:

Who would ever pay to have cardboard siding put on their entire house?!!
That reminds me, on the back "porch" (it's called an attached wood shed), it must have been built before the front porch because the old house siding in there is wooden shingles. Those must be really old.

Well, all cardboard was wood once. :teef:

Masonite siding isn’t so unusual. It’s pretty durable too. It’s all about the glue that is used.