Posted: Dec 08, 2020 6:45 pm
by The_Piper
felltoearth wrote:QED

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I googled QED and I'm still not sure what it means in this context. I was being non-serious with the picture, it was the cool looking snow that I really wanted to share. But you can see the shed in the context of it's surroundings. :)
Here is the nearly finished product. I just made doors that can be removed and set out of the way to go in it. I might do real doors but I wanted to get a couple "storage cubbies" built before winter as well. They are like little sheds that aren't tall enough to stand in. but I put rolled roofing on them. I built the cubbies completely out of scrap wood and pallets. For the shed like I said earlier it was all scrap wood and pallets except for some 2x4's to join them, and plywood for the roof. I used some scraps of metal and vinyl siding that I had, and as you can see, I also used some of my metal road sign collection as well. :lol:


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I put the poles in for support in winter. I don't think I did a very good job on the roof, though it is strong enough to hold my weight without the poles, and I used real shingles on the roof. No roofing cement. A contractor had put out a bunch of free shingles and tiles that had stains from storage, but were otherwise fine. I don't think the birds and squirrels will mind the stains. No one else will see it because of the slope I did.


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The black panels are covering up for the winter, but I will remove them in the summer and put screen in for light and air. I overhung the roof to help keep the sides dry.


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