Posted: Dec 08, 2020 9:58 pm
by The_Piper
Yeah hinges aren't necessary, but look more suitable. :) But clearly I'm not out for looks with this shed. It can't be seen from the road. Iirc the doorway is four feet wide because I was planning on using it for bikes and lawnmower/snowblower. But I had thrown all my tools in it one day before rain and extra hardware that I used to build it with, and it's now a tool shed.

There's a washer and dryer in there too right now. I hope to soon take my bathroom apart to get the old washer and dryer out and replace them, but life keeps getting in the way of that. It's a pretty drawn out job to get the washer and dryer out, everything else is in the way. Shelves, shower stall, fridge in the kitchen, table. :whine:
I thought about cutting the fiberglass shower stall down to a smaller size but I'm not sure if fiberglass resin and cloth on the backside of it would be a strong enough bond or what?