Posted: Dec 09, 2020 1:19 pm
by Hermit
The_Piper wrote:No porcupines to move in and stink up the place over there though. :lol: I like the shrubbery.

Yes, the shrubbery definitely belongs in the class of home improvement. Even after I painted the shed it still looked like an ungainly storage room plonked down at some random spot in the garden. The more it is disguised the better.

This is what it looked like (before we painted it).


This particular set of home improvements cost me next to nothing. I snitched the climbers on either side of the doorway by way of cuttings from front fences in the neighbourhood. The bush, a golden diosma, set me back maybe four dollars. It was a tiny, potted thing when I got it. The trunk seen in the previous pic is of a cedar tree. I picked it up in form of a seed one day while walking back home from the local post office.

The cedar begins to blossom in September, just as the foliage begins to appear. Honeybirds get stuck into the nectar. The air fills with a sweet fragrance for a couple of weeks. It is not overpowering. Then it drops its seeds that were last year's blossoms, currently 30 kilograms per tree. The foliage does not fill out until December, but then it provides very much welcomed shade.