Posted: Dec 11, 2020 5:16 pm
by The_Piper
It looks a lot bigger without the foliage. I love vines, but up here it's not a great idea to have them covering wood because of the number of humid days. We've been in a cloud for several days now. Yesterday featured a few brief glimpses of blue sky but they didn't align with the sun. :lol: It was clear last night, finally. I was all set to check out the aurora but it fizzled out and wasn't visible from Maine. :whine: <----rant included
I think I'll put some on my shed or storage cubbies, where it won't be disaster if they rot the wood eventually.
My property has 15 or so apple trees, but only one that is good for table apples, and apparently my squirrel buddies keep getting them before they ripen. They know a good apple when they taste one. :lol: :heart:
So I bought 2 apple saplings for $35 each. Moose or deer have been munching on the branches, they're skinnier now than when I bought them. I transplanted a bunch of trees over the years, and the evergreens do well. Only a couple have been snatched by a beaver. Usually they don't go after evergreens, thankfully.