Posted: Dec 28, 2020 4:32 am
by arugula2
Ironclad wrote:And a very merry Christmas to you and your family too.

Christmas is not for another 11 days or so. Just saying. You mean happy belated Saturnalia, I think.

...There are chances now for all to grasp, and the future needs to be written, so the youngsters could get out there and do it.


Sorz, but... there've always been "chances now for all to grasp". A black American in ante-bellum Kentucky had "chances" to "grasp" pretty much whatever was available to a white person, save the vote & public office. He could buy land, could buy a house, could hire laborers, etc... and was far more likely to be overcharged, have his property seized, be jailed without reprieve or due process, and be beaten, enslaved, and lynched. Oh wait - my bad... that wasn't 19th century Kentucky... that's 21st century Anywhere, USA.

I think you meant to say something like "equal chances for all..." but couldn't find the words or the conviction. Normally that leads to a personal revelation.

Rather than changing popular culture by demand.

Whatever change happens, it happens the same way across the centuries. There's no such thing as purely "organic" cultural change. It's mostly people agitating, and then going with the flow. There're always others pushing against the flow (I'm usually one of them), but sometimes the reasons given don't amount to much & are opaque.