Posted: Dec 28, 2020 5:17 pm
by arugula2
Spearthrower wrote:While not so much the rest of your post, the above I do agree with very much, and think is true across all cultures and times.

:P Funny, of my 3 points, that's the one I'd find the most challenging, myself. (Imo, disparities in opportunity & the original date of christmas are much easier to prove.) Most cultural change, strictly speaking, probably is organic... just not the sort of change we would pay attention to. It's kind of like punctuated equilibria & speciation: the speciation is less interesting than the underlying genetic drift, imo, but it's all anyone cares about. (Even so, I think 'culture' is more fluid, on the whole, than gene pools. But idk. Maybe not.)

Anyway, as far as Ironclad is concerned, it's the abrupt noticeable shifts that matter, because... because... idk. Because they feel abrupt? It seems to boil down to individual comfort & tolerance, which is kind of boring.