Posted: Jan 24, 2021 2:55 pm
by laklak
I once watched a Bahraini detective beat a kid almost unconscious with a rubber hose, in his office, right in front of me. They dragged him out by his arms, the detective looked at me and said "Ok, about your friend..."

The dumbass friend worked for me, he'd had some weed mailed to him from South Africa and got caught. By pulling in every favor I'd ever banked I managed to get the head of Bahraini Internal Security (an ex-SAS Brit) to use his influence to get him deported, rather than serving the 20 years they sentenced him to. He still spent probably 6 months in a Bahraini jail, not something I'd recommend to anyone.

Stupidest thing about it was you could buy hash on almost any street corner, the Sheik's brother controlled the traffic. You did NOT compete with the Sheikh's brother.