Posted: Mar 13, 2021 12:24 am
by don't get me started
Calilasseia wrote:A bona fide fossil of a previously living indigenous Martian organism, would be headline news all over the world.

I for one would enjoy the butthurt emanating from the mythology fanboys the moment this was announced :)

Indeed, but you know how these bend-the-facts-to-fit-the-narrative types work, and there would be the usual, god of the gaps mental gymnastics, supported by some holy book verses that are so vague they could mean anything to anyone.

For those of us whose intellects are not thus afflicted, it would be very very interesting indeed and I would read everything I could lay my hands on to try and understand what it is that was found. (Also probably watch a load of Youtube videos - from the more serious end of the contributor spectrum of course.)

Hopefully it would also spur us on to go and have a look and see what is under the ice on Europa and Enceladus....