Posted: Mar 13, 2021 4:30 am
by Hermit
jamest wrote:For the record, as a theist, I'd be totally and utterly disappointed with God if there were no daft twats like you lot out there anywhere beyone 'Earth'.

I'd be disappointed with a supernatural creator of life, the universe and everything about the design faults of his creation. Looking at us humans, for example, who'd build the playground right next to the sewer? And don't start me on the architectural integrity of our backs. Those vertebrae are inherently a structural disaster zone. Then there's our planet. Not very sound when one shiver can kill a quarter million of its human population in a matter of a few hours.


God's creation, if that is what the universe is, shows no sign that there was any intelligence involved in its design. What a daft twat God must be, if he exists.