Posted: Mar 13, 2021 7:12 am
by Spearthrower
jamest wrote:
Calilasseia wrote:A bona fide fossil of a previously living indigenous Martian organism, would be headline news all over the world.

I for one would enjoy the butthurt emanating from the mythology fanboys the moment this was announced :)

Don't be daft. The existence of life ANYWHERE within the universe would do NOTHING to disprove the existence of God. At best, it would disprove the existence of a God who was shallow enough to invest everything into one species (and even one subset of that species) on a small planet in a small corner of the universe.

Yet, God itself did not parrot that narrative, did it? At some point you might wake the fuck up to the realisation that you're questioning humanity/religion here, not God. But somehow I fucking doubt it, as ever since I've known you you've been parroting the same old bullshit about how science disproves the religious/human version of God as though the religious/human version of God was absolute in the sense of God's valuation/meaning and as though science was absolute in the sense of God's subsequent poverty.

All these years, dude, missing the mark. You're smart enough to do so, so wake the fuck up. :coffee:

That's a lot of words when you could have just made a 'woosh' sound.