Posted: Apr 08, 2021 2:52 am
by The_Piper
That sucks. Luckily it should be reversible. I think they have products that you can add to the septic system that will break up any roots near the leach field pipes.
I only had mine emptied after 15 years here, but I live alone. It was full to the brim though, who knows how much was already in it when I moved here. The septic guy had told me years ago that I may never have to have it emptied. I'll probably do it again in several years to be on the safe side. He only charged me $125. I also paid an Amish guy $50 to locate the tank for me, which he did in less than an hour. Money well spent. I did the rest of the digging. :yuk:
I put flat rocks to mark where the tank is and where the pump station is, because I never want that to happen again.
The pump had stopped working, which is why it filled to the brim and I had it emptied. A plumber came later and found it was just the float. I also had him put a new switch on the well pump under the house, and he charged me $100 for everything. I gave him $140. I'll probably have him replace the sewer pump eventually, because it's 23 years old.