Posted: Aug 27, 2021 11:48 am
by UncertainSloth
aban57 wrote:I thought about her a lot lately. In the discussions we had, she seemed to have a much higher opinion of me than I have myself. I've worked a lot on that recently, and she's still helping me. Which is kinda awesome.

i share the opinion

that's beautiful that you feel she's still there, helping you, and you're not alone - there was a key quote from her memorial justgiving page from an ex-client about how she would always be a guiding light in their lives...a colleague of hers then sent me this message

"I just read J's tribute - that really melted me, there are so many hundreds of Js walking about with Hev as their guiding light in life, she really had no idea quite how amazing she was but that in itself just made her more amazing "

To touch so many lives is a powerful legacy indeed... :cheers: