Posted: Sep 01, 2021 2:36 pm
by cowolter
hackenslash wrote:
Keep It Real wrote:drinking alcohol does in fact "go against everything I believe in." What do I believe in? That people need claim responsibility for our actions and thus behave responsibly.

I don't get this. Alcohol does not, in any way, shape or form, absolve you of responsibility for your actions.

I have what many would describe as an extremely unhealthy relationship with intoxicants in general, and with alcohol in particular, but I've never taken any action that wasn't still entirely my doing.

To the extent that alcohol has contributed to my actions at all, it's only ever in exposing what I really think because the usual veneer of civility slips in the face of some behaviour where, were I sober, I'd have been able to keep the mask in place. What this should tell us is that behaviour exhibited while intoxicated is your base behaviour. In vino veritas, one of the few truisms that actually holds water. Alcohol doesn't take over you, it reveals you.

Totally agree. think it does in daily life we constantly try to portray ourselves in diff shades. We are someone else when we are with our friends, someone diff in the office and someone diff when you are with your family. We compartmentalize our life very well.

Alcohol or other drugs do is numbs your brain by affecting it's cognitive capabilities. Now your brain doesn't have as much control on what to do or what to say in specific situations. That is why you will see most people will tell you the truth once they are drunk or wasted because lying takes effort, thinking is not easy so you can't lie properly.