Posted: Jan 14, 2022 9:23 pm
by Hermit
Jesus Is Lord wrote:
Hermit wrote:
Jesus Is Lord wrote:
BlackBart wrote:Define "Personal Freedoms" and "best"

By personal freedom I guess I mean being able to live as you wish.

Regardless of how this might affect the welfare of others?

No, I mean in general. Being left alone most of the time and being able to live fairly independently.

As in leaving it up to individuals whether they wear a mask? Or letting them decide at what speed it is safe to drive past the entrance of a primary school? Or letting them evade taxation because they regard taxation as theft? Or letting them kill communists because they are convinced that commies are evil? Or not reporting the confession of a kiddie fiddler to the police because they are convinced that confessions are strictly a matter between God and Man? Or keeping the difference between the value of what workers produce and what you pay them, even if that difference amounts to ~196 billion dollars in 28 years? Or slapping the missus around a bit because she so deserves it? I mean, in general.