Posted: Jan 15, 2022 2:16 am
by CdesignProponentsist
I've been to El Salvador. It was about 12 years ago and it was with my Dad on his boat. I flew in to El Salvador to help him complete his trip from LA to Key West Florida through the Panama Canal.

I was there for about 2 weeks. We were moored at the marina (Marina Barillas) of one of the few millionaires (Juan Wright) who originally fled the country after the revolution and was reinvited back.

Had a great time. Took a tour of the country. Visited a huge crater lake in the north. Some Mayan pyramids. Really nice restaurant above San Salvador.

Lots of security guards with lots of guns. From what I understand these are former rebels who after winning the war were given security jobs throughout the country. Just about one for every 3 shops it seemed. Felt safe, but Senior Wright did not allow anyone to leave his property without an armed guard with them so it probably isn't so safe if without it. So be careful.

The cantina at the marina spoiled pupusas for me. They were amazing, light, ham and cheese filled sprinkled with goat cheese. I can't find any anywhere that match it here in the US.


Also I've been to Costa Rica (lived or was stuck there for 4 months), Nicaragua (for about an hour. long story), Panama, Isla Providencia (Columbian territory), Grand Cayman, and Cuba (Marina Hemingway near Havana). This was all around 1999-2000 over about 8 months.