Posted: Jan 15, 2022 11:22 am
by Spearthrower
aufbahrung wrote:Almost every country was free in some fashion before the Interweb.

Every country is free even now in some fashion.

aufbahrung wrote: You won't find freedom today. No matter where you look.

Falsehood stated as fact.

aufbahrung wrote:It always was a nebulous term. Something written in the margins of travel brochures rather than being cleverly defined (thus defeating the object). Now it is like ectoplasm. A term that is being forgotten along with the ghosts of coercive ideology that spawned it. No wait. The coercive ideology's survived the transition to cyberspace. As Bowie said. 'Where are we now?'

If you're free to own a house, start a family, buy food, own property, and generally earn and engage in activities without being controlled by the state, then you have a wealth of freedoms many past societies didn't enjoy.