Posted: Jan 16, 2022 12:14 pm
by hackenslash
Jesus Is Lord wrote:How am I a bigot

'Leftie loonies' is a bigoted construct, both prejudiced against an entire demographic AND ableist.

and why are you bringing that up in a thread about physiognomy?

Because it's relevant to how much you can glean about people from cues. It's a fairly common explicatory practice to engage in comparisons like this between one but of fuckwittery and another. It is, in fact, how we explain things, by comparing them to things already understood.

using your open bigotry as a comparison concerning the things you can discern about people from cues seems, then, a perfectly reasonable thing to do in a thread about what information can be garnered from paying attention to cues.

See, I can troll around the houses as well, and I'm considerably better at it than you.